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Well and Good.

Adding FinGoal to your digital banking solution is a massive value-add for your customers, finding them $100s dollars month after month. Accounts that use FinGoal maintain higher deposit balances and grow those balances faster. Everyone wins.

Radically Insightful Advice.

Modern design and a convenient mobile app isn't enough anymore. The future of digital banking is personalized. FinGoal is the only solution providing hyper-personalized recommendations so good that your customers will say "Thank You" and share with their friends.

Recommendations on Everything.

From coffee to cable bills, from dog food to insurance, FinGoal makes sure your customers are getting the best value for every dollar they spend. The more they save, the more they deposit.

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Compete to Win.

Many Credit Unions and Banks are losing the battle for customer attention.  When a Financial Institution loses a consumer’s attention, that customer isn’t going to think about that institution when they need a mortgage or an auto loan or retirement accounts. Over time, that customer is going to move their banking relationship elsewhere.  

About FinGoal.

FinGoal makes it easy for FinTech developers to serve their consumer end-users with radically insightful recommendations.

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